Would you like to help your staff:

  • Increase their energy and levels of concentration?
  • Boost their immunity, reduce illness and absenteeism?
  • Prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease?
  • Manage stress more effectively?
  • Improve their digestion?
  • Maintain a healthy weight?

At Zing Nutrition I have the expertise and the tools to help you do this.

Zing can offer:

  • Talks on various aspects of nutrition
  • One to one consultations with employees
  • Health MOTs
  • Weight Loss Programmes


Popular talks have included, ‘Eating for energy, mood and concentration in the work place,’ and, ‘Boosting Immune Function. Talks may be tailor made to meet your specific needs.

Costs: Talks normally last for 1 ½ hours and with ½ an hour for questions. Costs are from £199

One to one consultations with employees

This would be along the lines of my normal consultation service which would take place on a one to one basis with employees in the work place. Nutritional Therapy consultations involve taking an in depth look at employee’s health issues or goals and making dietary recommendations. This is a two consultation process. Please note that some health insurance policies provide a certain amount of cover for complementary therapies.

BANT list of health insurers

PruHealth is the main UK medical insurance provider who provide cover when using registered BANT members under their complementary therapies ‘nutritionist’ services. Some policy holders (esp. corporate) have held a ‘Personal Health Fund’ which could be used for other purposes like gym memberships, screening services (possibly Nutritional Therapy recommended diagnostic tests, not covered by e.g. the NHS) and other help for ‘chronic’ issues.

Westfield Health is a cash benefit plan provider, who recognises CNHC registration for reimbursement on its corporate plan for Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology and other complementary therapies.


These are 45 minute consultations which look at present diet and suggest where improvements can be made. I will assess body composition and can check blood pressure where required. This would involve coming into the work place for a day (or part of) and taking individual appointments throughout the day. This service is charged at £560 per day providing 8 employee MOTs. MOT details

Weight Loss Programmes

I run weight loss programmes through Zest4life which are very well suited to the work place.

Weight loss programmes can be very much tailor made to the requirement of the business so please do not hesitate to ring me,Helen to discuss 07711497243