How you eat and fuel your body is important in all walks of life, but even more so to the amateur or professional sports person.

Having the right type and balance of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in the diet is important to support energy production, increase stamina, improve sports performance and most importantly to nourish and repair the body effectively after training and events.

At zing nutrition I can advise on all of this as well as providing a very personalised approach to sports nutrition. I can calculate the correct levels of carbohydrate, protein and fat that you will require to support your weight and level of exercise.

The approach at zing nutrition is an holistic one. I will assess your present diet and lifestyle, your digestive, adrenal and liver function to determine what effect these may be having on your general health and sporting performance and put measures in place to support you where needed.

If you are the parent of a child who has become heavily involved in a sporting activity or may be a budding athlete, you will be concerned about your childs nutritional intake. As a fully trained nutritional therapists, I am able to work with you to ensure your child has the best possible fitness inside as well as out.

As well as one to one Sports Nutrition Consultations it is possible to organise talks relating to improving sports performance to larger groups of people. So if your sporting organisation would like an expert to come and speak to the members, please contact me, Helen for further information.

Appointments available in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. For bookings and information, please get in touch.