So what’s on offer?

My Weight Loss Programmes at Zing Nutrition are nutritionally balanced, satisfying and sustainable - working with the body and not against it.


Zest4life Nutrition and Weight Loss Programmes

Patrick Holford's Zest4Life

Weight Loss Programmes - Lose weight, feel great, have fun!

My weight loss programmes follow Patrick Holford’s Low GL eating plan. You can expect to lose 2lbs a week but many who follow this strictly may well lose more. From the word go, these weight loss programmes promote a fundamental change in your approach to food for the better and therefore ensure long term weight loss.

Personal One to One Zest4life Weight Loss Programmes

At Zing Nutrition I specialise in one to one weight loss programmes to ensure optimal individual attention and encouragement to ensure compliance and a quicker route to success. There are three levels of weight loss programmes on offer. Each programme is six weeks long but the length of the consultations vary as well as what is offered. 

  • Silver zest4life Nutrition and Weight Loss Programme £224.00
  • Platinum zest4life Nutrition and Weight Loss Programme £449.00
  • Gold zest4life Nutrition and Weight Loss Programme £349.00
  • Group zest4life Weight Loss Programmes

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    If you are interested in starting a zest4life weight loss programme or would like some further information then please contact me, Helen on 07711 497 243
    Please note that these prices are for Newcastle Upon Tyne. Please enquire if you are interested in carrying out a programme in London

    For more detailed information on the Zing-Zest4life progammes
    please visit the zest4life website

    The NutriSlim at home programme



    The NutriSlim Weight Loss Programme uses a product called Ultrameal made by Nutri. It is a meal replacement shake which comes in six different flavours; vanilla, peach, banana, berry, chocolate and mocha. It is specifically designed to promote good body composition i.e. it is fortified with vitamins and minerals and balanced in such a way to promote fat loss but without eroding muscle mass. I recommend that you replace one or two meals a day with Ultrameal and that the rest of the time that you adopt a low GL eating plan. Weight Loss here will depend on how many meals you replace with the Ultra meal, but with one meal replaced it will be in excess of 2lbs per week. Following the NutriSlim Weight Loss Programme is best with the supervision and support of Zing Nutrition and I can put together a support package to suit your needs and requirements. If you want to give NutriSlim a try without my support you can buy Ultrameal through the Natural Dispensary www.naturaldispensary 01453757792 for £25.95 for 14 servings and if you use my practitioner code zing5 you will get a 5% discount and you can download a guide and eating plan here.


    Weight Loss support packages

    Whatever your preferred option we can put together a tailor-made weight loss programme to support and encourage you at Zing Nutrition, so please do not hesitate to call me, Helen for more information on 07711497243 or email