The 7 best arthritis friendly foods

February 18, 2016Healthy eating

Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of joint disease and is often referred to as degenerative joint disease as it involves loss of cartilage, the gel like shock-absorbing material which prevents adjacent bones from touching. It is the bones rubbing together which causes the pain and inflammation associated … Read More

The Paleo Diet, is it a healthy option?

January 14, 2016Uncategorized

 I quite often get asked about my opinion on various diets as to how ‘healthy’ they are and recently quite a lot of enquiries re The Paleo Diet? I don’t follow The Paleo Diet but it has urged me to look a little closer at it in order to form an opinion. First and foremost, … Read More

Healthy Eating Christmas Tips and Recipes

December 19, 2015Healthy eating

 I think that you might agree that Health and Christmas don’t always sit well in the same sentence but believe me when  it comes to matters of health Christmas really doesn’t need to be, ‘all or nothing,’ or, ‘make or break,’ it’s all down to balance.There are many traditional seasonal foods which are positively oozing … Read More

The art of healthy eating on a budget

December 3, 2015Healthy eating

The art of healthy eating on a budget Healthy eating really doesn’t need to be an expensive business and I think sometimes people use cost as an excuse for not eating healthily.It’s also worth remembering that as a nation healthy eating has often been more prevalent during times of austerity than it has been during … Read More

Dr. in the House

November 23, 2015Diabetes, Healthy eating, News and reviews

Dr. in the House If you are interested in how changing your diet and lifestyle can help with health issues and sometimes even reverse a serious disease like Type 2 diabetes then you must watch Dr. in the House BBC1 9pm.There are three episodes and the first one was last week but you will be … Read More

What’s sapping your energy and what can you do?

November 17, 2015Healthy eating

What’s sapping your energy and what can you do? One of the biggest complaints from my clients is lack of energy. Energy seems to be one of those illusive things which people always want more of. It is very rarely one thing which is responsible for sapping energy, invariably it is a combination of many … Read More

Calorie counting is not the way to lose weight

November 12, 2015Diabetes, Weight loss

Are all calories equal or are some calories more equal than others? Calorie counting has dictated weight management programmes for decades and is based on the principle of energy in versus energy out using the calorie as a measurement of energy. The idea is that if energy input is greater than our energy output then … Read More

Learn how to read food labels

November 11, 2015Healthy eating

I think we are probably getting the message that we are eating too much sugar, too much salt and not enough fibre. It’s one thing knowing this and quite another actually doing something about it. Of course the very best way to put this right is to cook everything from scratch using good quality raw … Read More

Do you want healthy choices in restaurants?

November 4, 2015Healthy eating

Do you want healthy food choices in Restaurants and Supermarkets? There seems to have been a whole raft of newspaper articles recently complaining as to how difficult it is for families to eat healthily in restaurants. I personally don’t find it difficult to eat healthily in restaurants, it’s down to a simple matter of choosing … Read More

Should we be eating meat

November 2, 2015Healthy eating

Should we be eating red meat? With the recent report by the World Health Organisation warning that processed meat and possibly red meat can cause cancer I guess there will be many people out there tempted to turn vegetarian? Don’t do anything rash!! I have put together a few Do’s and a few Don’t here … Read More