Having the right balance of carbohydrate, protein, keeping hydrated and ensuring optimum levels of vitamins and minerals in our diet have a huge effect on our energy levels, sleep patterns, mood, and concentration as well as on our digestion, immunity and general health. Our Health MOT will give insight into all of this and act as a spring board to improving your health!

What to expect from your Health MOT? First of all we will analyse your present diet and suggest a better balance of nutrients where required. Then through a process of symptoms analysis we will assess vitamin & mineral status and advise on how to maximise your intake in areas of deficiency. We will take your blood pressure and discuss the implications if it is either too high or too low.

Through our very sophisticated Tanita Body Composition machine we will assess your body composition to determine fat %, muscle mass, fat around the middle, BMI, and discuss the implications of poor body composition on long term health. You will be given a printout carrying the above information as well as information relating to your hydration levels, bone mass, ideal body weight, BMR and metabolic age. We will also touch on any health problems you might have and discuss how a targeted nutritional approach may help!