Lorisian 150plus Food Intolerance Test + Free 20 minute phone consultation

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The Lorisian 150 Plus Food Intolerance Test will test your immune reaction to over 150 different foods and beverages.  This covers the most common allergens i.e. gluten, cow’s milk, yeast, eggs and nuts. It also includes goats and sheep’s milk as well as the cow’s milk and covers a wide variety of vegetables and includes soya beans, kidney beans and lentils. It includes a very comprehensive range of fruits as well as many grape varieties used in wine making such as Chardonnay, Malbec a Shiraz etc. A wider variety of herbs and spices are covered in this test over and above those tested for in the Lorisian 100 Food Intolerance Tests.


I offer a 20 minute follow up telephone consultation with this intolerance test. This is highly recommended for the following reasons:

Excluding foods to which you have become intolerant can vastly improve your health but it is also important to explore the underlying causes. Intolerances often stem from poor digestive function and unless these symptoms are addressed and measures taken to repair the digestive tract all that is likely to happen is that you develop food intolerances to other foods for example you might replace dairy milk with soya milk only to find that you build up a food intolerance to soya milk. If you take foods out of your diet it is important to find suitable alternatives to these foods and this is another area that can be explored in your follow up consultation.


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