Zing Nutrition Programme to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Programme


(6 week programme)

This programme is designed to:
Introduce a diet plan which will effectively balance blood glucose levels and encourage the body to be less insulin resistant.
Look for any pre disposing conditions to the disease such as stress or poor digestion and advise on how to correct.
Give dietary recommendations to address symptoms relating to any complications of diabetes.
Give advice on professional supplement to assist in blood glucose regulation and complications of diabetes.


The programme includes an initial consultation of 90 minutes followed by five 60 minute consultations.

The first consultation will include:
A full explanation of the diet plan
Body composition analysis
Goal setting
The provision of literature to support the programme

The following five 60 minute consultations include:
Food diary analysis
Body composition analysis
Weekly goal setting
A personalised nutritional plan to address health issues

Over the six weeks as well as effecting weight loss an in depth look at your health past and present will be made along with an assessment of nutritional deficiencies and how well all body systems are working. From this knowledge a very personalised nutritional plan will be put in place to alleviate symptoms of ill health and any complications which may have arisen along with the diabetes.

If you are interested in this programme do not hesitate to ring Helen on 07711497243 to discuss.

If more support is required between consultations extra coaching calls may be arranged at an extra cost.


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