This muesli is made by soaking energy giving oats over night (make sure you use jumbo oats) and adding a variety of foods to the mixture the next morning which will further promote good energy levels. Replacing ordinary oats with gluten free oats and making sure all the ingredients are organic would make this recipe suitable for a detox diet.


Basic ingredients (organic where possible)

3 tbsp Jumbo oats
Apple juice or milk for soaking
½ a chopped apple
2 tbsp low fat greek yoghurt or soya yoghurt or Co Yo Coconut yoghurt

Further energy boosting extras

A squeeze of lemon juice (extra vitamin C)
1 tsp ground seeds (zinc, magnesium, CO.Q.10, calcium)
1 tsp wheatgerm (B vitamins, zinc)
2 tsp chopped nuts (zinc, magnesium CO.Q.10, calcium)
Dried figs (Calcium)
Pinch of ground ginger and/or cinnamon
A hand full of blueberries (Vitamin C)

1. Soak the oats in enough milk or apple juice, cover & leave in the fridge over night
2. Next morning chop the apple and add to the oats
3. Mix in the yoghurt and chopped nuts and all/or a selection of the other energy boosters

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