Could food intolerances be sabotaging your health?

Don’t delay! Take the Zing Nutrition 3 steps to food freedom

Step 1

Complete the Food Reaction Quiz and identify any likely symptoms related to possible food intolerances.

Step 2

Book in for your complementary 20-minute introductory food freedom consultation with me.
We will book a time to speak on the phone, I will review your symptoms and recommend the most suitable test for you.

Step 3

Complete a Food Intolerance test and receive results. For all Intolerance tests booked through Zing Nutrition you are entitled to a further 20-minute phone consultation to discuss the range of support services I provide to help you understand the significance of the test results, implement a new eating plan and consider the best ways to support your journey to food freedom. With the right support, it is very possible that you will be able to re-introduce the ‘problem’ foods over time. So, identifying the foods you react to doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never eat them again!

Testing kits