Looking to transform your health because…

  • You have a specific health condition or concern
  • Your energy levels are not what they were
  • You are interested in the prevention of 21st Century diseases

Then I can build a personalised health programme specific to your needs

In an initial 90-minute consultation via Zoom I will assess your present diet to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies and redress imbalance. We will work together to clean up your diet creating a personalised and more nourishing food plan to reflect your food preferences and lifestyle and improve your health and energy levels right from the start. You will be given a questionnaire to complete to provide detailed information on your health concerns and goals. This should provide information on diet and lifestyle past and present, stress, sleep, exercise and allow me to assess how well all body systems are working and to further pinpoint any nutritional deficiencies. It will inform the need for any further dietary intervention, supplement protocols and possible diagnostic testing where necessary. Over the length of your programme you will be supported in making these changes through a series of follow up consultations via Zoom, food diary checks and motivational coaching to ensure that you meet your health goals.

I generally work with clients over a 12-week period. Personalised health programmes are bespoke but may typically include the following:

  • Initial personal consultation via Zoom to assess the diet and redress imbalances – 90 Minutes
  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment
  • Personalized nutrition advice and supplement plan
  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation if applicable
  • Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation
  • Follow up consultations via Zoom to coach, support and provide further nutritional advice to keep you on track
  • Relevant nutrition and health information documents
  • Recommendations for further reading
  • Email support

Programme price guide £180 - £499


The cost of clinical tests and/or supplements are not included.


Then let's talk. Book in for your free 30-minute health assessment.