Festive Cranberry Porridge

                          This takes longer than normal porridge but it’s well worth the effort. You could make a much larger portion of the sauce to use again on another morning. The sauce would also work well with Turkey on Christmas day or with ham … Read More

Zingy Low Sugar Granola

Granola is one of those foods which is packed with lovely health giving ingredients and ought to be really good for you. Unfortunately, many shop bought granola is sadly excessively high in sugar and it really doesn’t need to be! This recipe of mine contains no added sugar or honey and it has a little … Read More

Energy Boosting Bircher Muesli

This muesli is made by soaking energy giving oats over night (make sure you use jumbo oats) and adding a variety of foods to the mixture the next morning which will further promote good energy levels. Replacing ordinary oats with gluten free oats and making sure all the ingredients are organic would make this recipe suitable for a … Read More