This recipe was given to me by my mother and is a great family favourite. This cake is light, moist and sumptuous and makes a wonderful dessert if served with mixed berries and crème fraiche. I have altered the recipe by replacing white bread crumbs with wholemeal bread crumbs (I actually use wheaten loaf crumbs) and sugar with xylitol. These alterations made no difference to the taste or texture of the cake but improve its nutritional status and lower its G L.


Juice of 3 oranges
Grated rind of 1 orange
100g 4oz Ground almonds
50g 2 oz wholemeal breadcrumbs
100g 4oz sugar (replace with xylitol)
4 eggs
½ tsp salt
Orange flower water


  1. Mix together the breadcrumbs, orange juice and grated orange rind
  2. Add the ground almonds & if available orange flower water
  3. Beat the egg yolks with sugar and salt until almost white and add to the first mixture
  4. Beat the egg whites till stiff and fold very gently into the main cake mixture
  5. Pour into a 7’’ cake tin which has been buttered and sprinkled with bread crumbs
  6. Bake in a moderate oven (160-170C) for 40mins