What is a ProLon diet?

ProLon is a very carefully designed five-day dietary programme designed to mimic fasting. The ProLon diet has been proven to facilitate all the pros and health benefits of water fasting, but without the cons of muscle and bone wastage, malnutrition and extreme hunger, it really is pure genius! ProLon nourishes the body while promoting regenerative and rejuvenating changes, including effects on a wide range of markers that contribute to ageing, such as inflammation, visceral fat and fasting glucose (blood sugar).

Developed by researchers at the University of Southern California ProLon is the result of extensive research spanning two decades and the investment of millions of dollars of federal funding.

How do you do a ProLon diet?

For maximum results ProLon is designed to be done three times over three months to start with, ideally with 25 days in-between after which you would do it three times over a year to maintain the health benefits.

ProLon comes in a big box with five smaller boxes of food inside– one for each day. It couldn't be more straightforward to do. The diet consists of nut bars, soups, olives, flaxseed crackers, herbal teas with a schedule detailing what to eat when. The diet uses plant-based ingredients including fresh olives, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and with no chocolate additives or chemicals.

£10 Discount Code

ProLon is £200 per five-day cycle, yes, I know, ‘eye wateringly expensive,’ but bear in mind that this is all you'll be spending on food in the 5 days and and I have to say that as an investment in health it really is worth every penny.

I have tried ProLon myself, I’ve done three cycles and I can’t begin to tell you how good it makes me feel. I have tended to use it pre or post holidays and post-Christmas almost like a detox. It’s a great way of losing weight quickly or kick-starting weight loss as part of an ongoing weight loss regime.

I can give you a code for a £10 discount, but you’ll need to contact me first to fill in a short health questionnaire as not everyone is suitable for this diet. You can contact me helen@feelamazing.co.uk or ring me on 07711497243.

I’d be happy to have a chat by phone if you’d like to know more about ProLon and don’t forget that I’m running regular 30 minute Weight loss reviews by phone every Wednesday afternoon during July 2020 and you can click here to reserve a slot.     

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