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Meeting Helen has been a life changing experience for the better.  I had a lot of unexplained symptoms and nutritional therapy has been my salvation.  I have discovered that I am gluten intolerant and with Helen’s help adapting to a gluten free diet has been easy.  I feel that nutritional therapy has put me in control of my life for the first time in years and would strongly recommend it to anybody who feels that they have unexplained dietary problems.

Maeve Donnan


Meeting Helen changed my eating habits which has helped with my blood sugar levels and hormone fluctuations.

The report and consultantion Helen conducted was very thorough and informative, this provided me with good eating habits and advice on the good foods to eat.

I completely believe that we can all eat and drink better which will provide us with long term effects which could lead to longevity.



I had suffered from frequent bad headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. The migraines were getting progressively worse and lasting for up to 3 days. I’d heard that some migraines could be triggered by certain foods and I was interested to see if I could reduce the migraines either in frequency or severity by modifying my diet. Helen assessed my diet and came up with a plan that if I followed, would hopefully lead to some improvement. It wasn’t easy for Helen to come up with a healthy balanced diet for me as I am also a strict vegetarian, so have already excluded many foodstuffs from my diet.  I am also a scientist and was more than a little sceptical about achieving any positive results. I was very keen to at least try this approach though, rather than rely solely on potent drugs from my GP, working on the theory that prevention is better than cure! Within a short period of time I noticed significant improvements and was able to re-introduce some of the foods originally excluded (a lot of them my favourites!).  I am now at the point that I rarely get headaches although still get an occasional migraine which I can usually attribute to eating a combination of too many of the trigger foods identified by Helen. I’m really pleased with the success Helen has helped me to achieve and I can highly recommend her as a nutritional therapist.



Before going to university, I ate very well. I had good, healthy, well-balanced meals and ate at regular intervals. However, at university I started following fad diets which ultimately led to a binge-starve mentality. This vicious cycle went on for more than 5 years. I reached out to Helen when things got even worse during the lockdown. My aim was to get out of the vicious cycle, return to my healthy eating habits and change my mentality for good. I was fed up of constantly thinking about food and weight loss. The low GL diet and the support from Helen turned my life around. I am now in a very good place and no longer fear food: I eat well, I am no longer obsessed with food and I can now finally say that I enjoy social events that involve eating, something that I used to majorly fear it the past. Knowing what to eat, when and how and in a way that doesn’t leave you craving foods has completely taken the stress out of eating!



I have battled with my weight for many years. At first, when I was younger, it was my own doing in many ways; too many takeaways and ‘snacks’. As I got older it just felt that nothing I tried worked although I joined in all sorts of fads and classes, it was the same old pattern: an initial large loss, then a little loss, then nothing and I would get frustrated and give up.

I was eventually diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and rather than being given nutritional advice I was given drugs and then more drugs and even more. The dietician at the doctors told me to cut back my eating, even though, at this stage I was barely eating anything and was thoroughly miserable.

It was at this point I found Helen. She had a look at my diet and confirmed that at times I was almost starving myself. Her focus was on how to balance my diet and giving me an understanding of how foods worked together and how to make them work for me. She gave me lots of information, which was all easy to understand, rather than blinding me with science. It surprised me how easy it actually was to change my relationship with the food I ate. It wasn’t about slavishly counting calories, but a focus on how to use the foods I enjoyed.

There wasn’t a huge initial weight loss but a slow steady one, which is continuing. Helen has made such a massive difference to me and I can’t thank her enough. Her support has been continuous, even throughout Covid.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.


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