How soon could I expect to see results through dietary change?

Recommended changes may result in immediate improvement to certain symptoms such as energy levels or blood sugar control; whereas other conditions may involve balancing body systems over a longer period of time in order to achieve results.

Ideally it is best if you spend the first month after consultation, ‘tidying up your diet,’ addressing very obvious nutritional short falls, reducing toxic load and maintaining a good balance of nutrients. In the mean time you may have carried out laboratory tests which may further inform dietary change. Often the simple dietary changes made within this first month may leave you feeling generally healthier, happier and enthused to take on board further potentially beneficial changes.

Do you ever recommend taking nutritional supplements?

Although supplementation may be a very powerful tool in restoring body balance, the main priority at Zing is to make as many changes as possible through diet alone. Various tell tale symptoms may suggest nutritional deficiencies which may simply be as a result of certain food groups having been omitted from the diet. The solution may be as simple as introducing such nutrient bearing foods into the diet. Sometimes the answer is not as simple, as nutritional need is very individual and may depend on the clients unique physiology or lifestyle habits. Pharmaceutical drugs may deplete nutrient status and some people’s ability to absorb certain micronutrients may be compromised even though their diet is nutrient rich. In such situations various tests may be recommended which may subsequently reveal nutritional deficiencies which may be corrected more efficiently or effectively through supplementation.

Supplementary recommendations will be made as a result of evidence based, scientific research.

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