What is Low GL?

August 4, 2010Zing archive

Adopting a low GL diet is the most satisfying and effective approach to sustained weight loss.

Prevention! Better than cure

October 29, 2008Zing archive

The days become cooler and shorter as we head into winter, and in the same way as we wrap up warm to keep out the cold, we should also protect ourselves against infection by boosting our immune system.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food, War and Recession

October 7, 2008Zing archive

Jamie Oliver is back on our screens again and in the news. His new TV series and campaign, Ministry of Food, is aimed at encouraging people to cook proper food with a view towards curbing obesity and improving the health of the nation.

Eggs are both nutritious and versatile but there are limits!

October 2, 2008Zing archive

You may have read recently about Charles Saatchi’s drastic but effective weight loss plan. Husband of Domestic Goddess Nigela Lawson restricted himself to a diet of nine eggs a day and absolutely nothing else. He did manage to lose four stone in nine months but at what price?