FREE Environ Skin Analysis

At Zing Nutrition diet and skin care go hand in hand.

The right diet can be very instrumental in tackling specific skin concerns such as acne, psoriasis and eczema as well as anti-ageing.

It is also very important to have a great skin care regime to complement your diet. I am delighted in this respect to be able to offer my clients Environ, the most advanced and results driven skin care products on the market.

I am currently offering a FREE 40-minute skin analysis to discuss your skin concerns and diet and advise on the best Environ products  for you.

The analysis is free but I do require a £20 booking fee to secure your appointment. Your fee will be redeemable against any products bought or ordered at your consultation.

Please contact me at to fix a time for your appointment and then you can pay the booking fee online

Free 30-minute health assessment

Book a FREE 30-minute health assessment on Zoom/phone today with Helen.

In your phone assessment we can discuss any health issues or any health goals you may have and explore how Nutritional Therapy can help you resolve or achieve these issues or goals respectively. If you feel by the end of the assessment that Nutritional Therapy is right for you and that we could work well together we can look at putting the right Nutritional Therapy package together to best fit your needs and achieve your goals.

5% Discount on Nutritional Supplements at The Natural Dispensary

Clients and readers of this website are entitled to a 5% discount on nutritional supplements at The Natural Dispensary if you use the practitioner code Zing5.

At Zing Nutrition we believe that taking nutritional supplement along with a healthy diet can substantially increase nutritional status where there are deficiencies and help to optimalise health. There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that taking the right supplements in the right quantities can reducing symptoms of ill health. Taking nutritional supplements work best when taken as part of a targeted approach to health under the care of a trained Nutritional Therapist.Most people however would benefit from taking a good quality Multivitamin and Mineral, a Fish oil and an Antioxidant supplement. The Natural  Dispensary provide a fast efficient service and stock an excellent range of good quality nutritional supplement as well as skin care products and some food items.

Some of the brands include: Solgar, Lamberts, Biocare, Higher Nature, Nutri, Bionutri, The Green People, Sukrin(gluten free bread),Bounce Balls, Nakd Bars

Nutritional Therapy and Health Insurance

Some health insurance policies provide a certain amount of cover for complementary therapies.

BANT list of health insurers

PruHealth is the main UK medical insurance provider who provide cover when using registered BANT members under their complementary therapies ‘nutritionist’ services. Some policy holders (esp. corporate) have held a ‘Personal Health Fund’ which could be used for other purposes like gym memberships, screening services (possibly Nutritional Therapy recommended diagnostic tests, not covered by e.g. the NHS) and other help for ‘chronic’ issues.

Westfield Health is a cash benefit plan provider, who recognises CNHC registration for reimbursement on its corporate plan for Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology and other complementary therapies.