Finding myself unable to put through my usual weekly supermarket order I paid a visit to a large store some 2 days prior to the partial lock down. Needless to say, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, it was like shopping on Christmas Eve but without the anticipation of a joyous celebration!

Having struggled to get half of the items on my shopping list I looked on in horror as the lady in front of me piled the checkout with endless packets of biscuits, chocolate eclairs, crisps and huge tubs of ice-cream!
I saw this as a potential car crash in terms of completely sabotaging ones health!
There has never been a more IMPORTANT time to take some personal responsibility for our own health in order to give us the best chance possible to remain fit and healthy throughout this awful pandemic and do our bit to take some pressure off the NHS.

In order to help I’m setting up an online challenge to, ‘Supercharge Your Health,’ and support your immune function. This is completely FREE of charge and I’d love you to join me.

This will be a 14 day challenge starting after the Easter weekend on Tuesday 14th April delivered through my Facebook group, ‘Unleash Your Younger Self,’ and open to women and men alike.

My commitment to you will be to provide you with the information and the encouragement you need to really improve your health through your diet so you can become a healthier and more robust version of yourself.

I will provide you with a lovely 30-page e-book full of easy and delicious recipes which have all been designed with immune support in mind.
I will be supporting you with posts and little videos on various aspects of diet and immunity. I will be posting my own photographs of meals I’m making from the e-book and encouraging you to share and do the same.

Yes indeed you too can become one of those annoying people who take photographs of your food whilst watching it all go cold ha ha!

The ethos of my Facebook group has always been about mutual support, so the more you engage the better.

I will be releasing the recipe e-book in my Facebook group, along with posts about preparing for the challenge well in advance of Easter weekend so that you can get ahead on planning and shopping prior to 14th April so the sooner you join the group the better!

As a reward on completing the challenge you will receive another e-book, ‘10 Steps To Super Health,’ full of tips and advice on how to support your immune system.

Please let your friends, colleagues and relatives know as I would like to reach and help as many people as possible.

Any questions email me