Eat in Season to super charge your Health-June

June 8, 2016Diabetes, Healthy eating

 Not only do fruit and vegetables taste better if eaten in season but they can incur amazing health benefits too! So what should we be eating in June to super charge our health? Spinach for the heart, brain and colon Abundant flavonoids in spinach act as antioxidants to keep cholesterol from oxidizing and protect your … Read More

Dr. in the House

November 23, 2015Diabetes, Healthy eating, News and reviews

Dr. in the House If you are interested in how changing your diet and lifestyle can help with health issues and sometimes even reverse a serious disease like Type 2 diabetes then you must watch Dr. in the House BBC1 9pm.There are three episodes and the first one was last week but you will be … Read More

Calorie counting is not the way to lose weight

November 12, 2015Diabetes, Weight loss

Are all calories equal or are some calories more equal than others? Calorie counting has dictated weight management programmes for decades and is based on the principle of energy in versus energy out using the calorie as a measurement of energy. The idea is that if energy input is greater than our energy output then … Read More

5 easy ways to cut sugar intake to 5%

March 7, 2014Diabetes, Healthy eating, Weight loss

The WHO is recommending we cut sugar to 5% of our daily intake. Many people including some, ‘dieticians,’ are saying this is unrealistic! I would say that this is simply not the case and if we are serious about cutting the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and tacking obesity we simply have to take this on … Read More