The WHO is recommending we cut sugar to 5% of our daily intake. Many people including some, ‘dieticians,’ are saying this is unrealistic! I would say that this is simply not the case and if we are serious about cutting the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and tacking obesity we simply have to take this on board.

Here are Five Easy Ways of cutting sugar intake to 5%

  1. Don’t eat anything processed and if you do make sure you read the labels.10g of sugar per 100g is a lot of sugar, 2% is a little.
  2. Cook from scratch using good quality unprocessed raw ingredients.
  3. Adopt a low G.L.Eating plan, Buy Patrick Holfords Low GL Cookery Book.
  4. If you feel like a sweet treat snack on low sugar fruits like berries or indulge in small quantities of Green & Blacks 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate, Bounce balls and some of the Pulsin products are low GL too.
  5. Don’t drink fruit juices, eat the whole fruits instead.

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