You would have to have been living under a stone for the past few years not to have been aware of the massive trend in diets which involve an element of fasting whether it be Michael Mosley 5:2 diet or Time Restricted Eating and indeed I have incorporated such methods into weight loss programmes for some of my clients and with great results! Apart from weight loss fasting claims huge health benefits including:

More energy
Improved concentration and feeling more alert
Lower insulin and blood sugar levels (including reversing type 2 diabetes)
Lowered cholesterol
Reduction in inflammation
Better stress management
Better digestion
Faster recovery after exercise
Better immunity
Lower risk of cancer
Slower ageing
Improved brain function
Lower risk of dementia 

Now I’m a pretty disciplined around food and capable of a tremendous amount of willpower when I choose, but I absolutely hate the thought of fasting despite the promise of such  tremendous health benefits. Simply going without breakfast fills me with absolute horror! Why else would you get up in the morning?

So, I was very excited when I was introduced to ProLon, the first and only 5 day fasting Mimicking diet and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

So how did I get on?

You need to plan to do ProLon when you know you have a clear 5 days with very little going on in the dairy socially.
I started my first 5 day fast on a Sunday which worked well as I was all done and dusted by the following Friday and able to enjoy a perfectly normal weekend.
I found the first day easy, you do get slightly more to eat on the first day, subsequent day became more restricted but nevertheless it was all massively manageable.
The food for the 5 days comes in a big box with 5 individual boxes inside, one for each day of the fast with instructions as to what to eat and when, it really could be easier.

Breakfast each day was a nut & seed-based bar sweetened with honey, which was delicious, I tended to have half for breakfast with a black decaffeinated coffee, saving the other half for a mid morning snack with a mug of herbal tea. Lunch and dinner was always a vegetable based soup sometimes with kale crackers. Other snacks included olives and a delicious nutty chocolate bar.

I did feel a little hungry and lightheaded on the third day but nothing too serious and by the time I got to day 4 I was very much in the swing of it, the end was in sight and I was able to look forward to the weekend. I felt a tremendous sense of achievement on completion of the 5 days.
I roped my daughter in to doing this with me which was a big help as we were able to compare notes and keep each other motivated.
You learn a lot about you’re eating habits through doing this, just how often you go in search of a snack which you probably don’t really need.

So what did I gain from my experience? 

I wasn’t doing this fast in order to lose weight as I don’t really need to. Nevertheless, my body statistics did improve. My Tanita body monitoring machine is able to monitor fat mass, muscle mass, fat around the middle etc. I lost 3 lbs but more importantly it very definitely was fat (not muscle or water) and what is more it was from that very stubborn area of fat around the middle which is very difficult to shift. I didn’t lose any muscle at all which goes to baking up one of one of  ProLon’s great claims. In terms of long-term weight management, it is very important to maintain muscle mass. Crash diets tend to reduce muscle mass big style which is why they don’t work, they ruin your metabolism and programme weight gain going forward.
If you do have weight to lose you would lose more than I did, ProLon report between 5 and 7 lbs, which in just 5 days is pretty remarkable!

The main benefits I got from doing ProLon were clarity of mind, improved mood, greater focus and improved energy levels and the results were long lasting.

I have now done two cycles of ProLon. Second time around was easier as I knew what to expect and I had the anticipation of feeling great afterwards. I particularly noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin this second time round and indeed fasting does promote rejuvenation and for very good reasons but I will save this subject matter for a future blog post. If you decide to give ProLon a go and take advantage of my introductory offer I can assess your body composition before and after your cycle on my Tanita scales.

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