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Weight Loss Programmes - Lose weight, feel great, have fun!
Group weight loss programmes are also available. This is where a group of friends or work colleagues get together as a challenge to lose weight together. This approach works well as it reduces the cost to the individual and the support of the group can be an extra motivating factor.

The cost will vary depending on the number of people in the group and a minimum of six participants would be required.

Whether you are taking part in an individual or group weight loss programme you will be asked before the programme begins to fill out a health profile and lifestyle assessment form so that we will have a feel for your needs in advance.The Low GL eating plan will be explained in detail in the first session and we will work on setting some weight loss and health goals for the duration of the programme and beyond. Your body composition will be assessed using the Tanita body composition machine which gives details of body fat, muscle mass, level of hydration, BMI, BMR, ideal body weight and fat mass as well as your metabolic age which will all be printed out for you. You will be required to fill in a food diary each week.

In subsequent sessions your food diary will be checked, your body composition calculated, we will set goals and cover areas of the Low GL eating plan in more detail.

Please get in touch for prices and booking.