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Zing is a Nutritional Therapy practice run by Helen Buchan with bases in Newcastle upon Tyne and central London. Our aim at Zing is to steer and encourage you through dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize your health and alleviate and prevent many of the common symptoms of disease and ill health.

The Nutritional Therapy approach is holistic, firmly based on scientific evidence and looks to rectify the underlying cause of illness rather than simply treating symptoms. The Nutritional Therapy approach aims to restore health through balancing body systems and allowing the body to heal itself naturally through a diet containing beneficial foods and excluding those which are not. Such an approach compliments conventional medicine effectively in areas such as allergy, IBS and other digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, depression or stress, auto-immune conditions, migraine and skin disorders to mention but a few and is very effective in relation to weight loss.

At Zing we assess your genetic strengths and weaknesses, environmental exposure, past and present dietary and health history. This makes it possible to build a highly individual profile, from which we will design a diet to match your unique dietary and nutritional requirements.

As a result of work/ family commitments or lifestyle we recognize that a change in diet can feel like a real challenge. At Zing we pride ourselves on our tailor made approach which takes lifestyle and food preferences into consideration. What ever your goal we will provide you with the tools you need to change your diet and set you well on your way to feeling amazing!


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Appointments available in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Central London. For bookings and information, please get in touch.

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