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Energy! Do you have enough of it?

At Zing Nutrition we work with clients with a wide range of health problems many of whom are middle aged men and women with stress issues who would like to restore their health and regain their vigour!

This can be achieved through providing the right food and nutrients to meet the demands of work and family life as well as addressing imbalances and health issues which may be acting as a block to energy levels.

As a result our clients feel more in control, energised, motivated and full of vitality.

Do you:

Endlessly reach for the coffee as a prop to get you through the working day?

Boost your energy levels with cake and chocolate?

Take a painkiller because that headache is stopping you from concentrating?

Open a bottle of wine to sustain you through the evening?

If the answer is yes then you are one of many who rely heavily on stimulants as a false source of energy which will take its toll on your health long term.

At Zing Nutrition we have the expertise and the tools to help you on a journey to super charge your health and energy levels and help you cope better with the demands of the twenty first century.



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Appointments available in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Central London. For bookings and information, please get in touch.

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