In a fit of enthusiasm and determination to lose weight it is very easy to fall into the trap of setting rules and regulations which may be both punishing and difficult to sustain and which may inadvertently promote weight gain. I hope these 7 tips will help put you straight on some common pit fall.

  1. Don’t count calories
    Apart from vegetables, low calorie foods are often lacking in the quality of nutrients necessary to drive a healthy metabolism, provide us with energy and help in the prevention of 21st Century diseases.
  2. Don’t eat low fat foods
    We need fat in the diet & in particular essential fats to burn our own body fat and to provide important fat soluble vitamins A, D, E &K which are so crucial to good health.
  3. Don’t eat too little
    Eating too little can result in muscle wastage which can slow and prevent weight loss.

    It’s also true that introducing an element of fasting in a weight loss regime can be extremely effective. You still need to be mindful of muscle wastage. Amazingly ProLon, which is a 5-day fasting mimicking diet doesn’t cause muscle loss.
  4. Don’t over exercise
    The right sort of exercise can be great for building muscle and burning fat. Too much exercise however, especially if its not supported by the right nutrition, can erode muscle mass as well as putting us into fight or flight mode which may encourage fat storage.
  5. Don’t skip breakfast
    Skipping breakfast as a knee jerk reaction to having eaten too much the day before can massively back fire because as the hunger kicks in later in the morning and your resolve lessens you may well give in to all the wrong kinds of food which could end up being so much worse than having had breakfast in the first place.
    It’s also true that If you’re including some, ‘Time Restricted Eating,’ as part of your weight loss plan you may well be skipping breakfast or at least pushing breakfast out until later in the morning to allow for a longer overnight fast, the benefits of which may be greater than having breakfast.
  6. Don’t cut carbs from your diet
    You do need carbohydrate for both physical and mental energy.

    But it’s also true that as a survival mechanism, which goes way back into our ancestry, the body in the absence of carbs can switch to using fat for both physical and mental energy. Keto diets will do just this and alternating a predominantly low GL diet with short bursts of Keto can be amazingly effective in achieving rapid weight loss.
  7. Don’t drink sugar
    Fizzy drinks, fruit juices, alcohol even, ‘healthy,’ smoothies can be very high in sugar and will promote weight gain. Stick to water and herbal teas as much as you can.

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