Do you want healthy food choices in Restaurants and Supermarkets?
There seems to have been a whole raft of newspaper articles recently complaining as to how difficult it is for families to eat healthily in restaurants.
I personally don’t find it difficult to eat healthily in restaurants, it’s down to a simple matter of choosing the right restaurant and exercising some simple and sensible rules like not eating the entire contents of a bread basket before the food arrives!
I freely admit that I am far too tempted to drink wine with my meal in a restaurant but I wouldn’t then blame the restaurant for putting temptation in my way.
We seem to have a blame culture in this country which I feel is unfortunate! If we really want healthy menu options in restaurants or indeed healthy food options in supermarkets then we need to learn to vote with our feet! It’s really not that difficult. If a restaurant menu is not, ‘healthy,’ then don’t go there, if a convenience food contains too much sugar, salt or trans fats then don’t buy it and the message will soon get through!