I picked up a truly awful book in a discounted book store a few years back which I wouldn’t recommend you read, but I would like to share the experience with you as it did help me clarify in my own mind why Nutritional Therapy is so powerful and yet so simple.

The book was called The Fountain of Youth, written by an American in a very America style i.e. pages and pages about how wonderful the book is and how reading it will transform your life before eventually getting round to telling you how!

The scenario is: female, fast approaching middle age, overweight, unhappy with her appearance and claiming to have tried every weight loss diet under the sun without results. She resigns herself to her size and decides that if she can’t be thin she will age proof her appearance through eating herself beautiful.

She does some research into anti-ageing and diet, cuts out foods and drinks which are not helping her cause and includes a lot of anti-ageing foods in her diet, including to name but a few; wholegrains, oily fish, nuts and seeds and loads of different coloured fruits and vegetables.

These changes produced a huge domino effect, her skin improved, she looked younger, she gained energy and to top it all lost the weight she had always struggled to lose. In my mind this is Nutritional Therapy i.e. a targeted nutritional approach to effect a change. This domino effect is typical in Nutritional Therapy too. For example, if someone came to see me wanting to improve the health of their heart, one of my strategies would be to reduce inflammation through diet. This strategy would have many knock on effects including improving the appearance of the skin, as a lot of skin ageing is inflammation based.

The recipe for Teriyaki Salmon on my recipe page will have an anti-inflammatory effect so will be great for both the heart and the skin. Serving with brown rice and some colourful steamed vegetables should enhance the effect too. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties so always put some in with your rice – it will give it a lovely yellow colour too!