Have you noticed that there is another series of Doctor in the house featuring Dr.Chatterjee being broadcast at the moment? If not then take note, it’s definitely worth watching!
So what is it that I like about Dr. Chatterjee, apart from being ‘drop dead gorgeous! ‘ No seriously I like the holistic and integrated approach he takes towards addressing health issues.
He takes us away from the, ‘sticky plaster,’ approach to health care where symptoms are merely masked by expensive drugs along with their potentially dangerous side effects! Dr. Chatterjee concentrates more on finding the root cause of health issues so that the problem can be treated at source. Solutions invariably involve dietary and lifestyle changes, complementary therapies and the use of nutritional supplements instead of drugs where possible. This is what I do and its all So………. Nutritional Therapy and right up my street!
To give an example  I would like to draw your attention to a case study in episode 2 of the present series about a man who had suffered from chronic fatigue for the past 20 years as a result of poor sleep. He was physically fit with a very healthy  diet but suffered from profuse sweating and breathing difficulties during the night leaving him sleep deprived and exhausted the next day. His blood pressure was also very high. He was tested for sleep apnoea but this proved not to be the issue. Dr.Chatterjee took a blood sample and discovered that his homocysteine levels were sky high. If homocysteine levels are high it is a strong indication of heart disease risk. High Homocysteine levels are also associated with:

Declining Memory
Poor Concentration
Low Mood
Male & Female Infertility and more…….

The beauty is that this can very easily be put right by taking  certain B vitamins, specifically vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid  often known as methyl factors and this is exactly what Dr. Chatterjee suggested this chap took. Two weeks later he was sleeping well, he was no longer feeling exhausted all the time, his blood pressure was normal and his homocysteine levels had dropped from 34.5 to 7. So he’s now feeling better than he has in 20 years and has cut his risk of heart disease all through taking B Vitamins! A simple and effective solution to years of grief, how good is that?
What is more it is very easy to test your homocysteine levels through a simple skin prick test which we offer at Zing Nutrition. You can find out more about Homocysteine on the Food Intolerance page of my website