Why is Environ often the preferred skin care regime for Nutritional Therapists?

As Nutritional Therapists we deal with clients with an array of health concerns of which skin conditions are quite high up there on the list.

Diet has a huge part to play in the correction of skin conditions or concerns either directly because of nutrient deficiencies or eating allergenic foods or indirectly because of adrenal fatigue (stress) , hormones, poor digestive or liver function, body systems which can all be supported if need be through dietary manipulation.       

As Nutritional Therapists, we aim to look for the root cause of skin complaints and treat the problem at source. Sometimes the root cause may be down to a combination of factors i.e. diet, digestion as well as environmental factors.

Alongside dietary change it is important to have an appropriate skin care regime. Environ is often the preferred skin care regime of Nutritional Therapists because Environ takes a similar approach to us in that their philosophy is to look for the underlying cause of skin concerns and treats the problems at source, and with 140 products to choose from the approach to a concern can be very prescriptive.

Environs stated aim is to,

‘Correct the chronic deficiency of vitamins, antioxidants (i.e. vitamin A, C & E) and other essential nutrients of the skin.’

Nutrients may be lost from the skin because of poor diet, sunlight, stress, pollution and other environmental factors.

You cannot buy Environ products without the advice and guidance from a trained and approved stockist like myself. This is because the products are prescribed for your particular skin concerns and the underlying factors which may be playing a part. The products also contain very active ingredients which need to be used with the correct supervision.

Who would benefit from using Environ ?

Because Environ works on the basis of normalising the skin there are products which are suitable for everyone, the young, the old, men and women, as an antiageing solution or to treat skin sensitivities such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. 

If you are interested in Environ products and how they might help you please do not hesitate to ring me Helen for an informal chat on 07711497243.

The next step would be a skin analysis face to face or over the phone to assess which products would suit you best.

How much do Environ products cost?

Environ products are no more expensive than quality high street brands. I am not allowed to divulge the price on line but for an interested client I am more  than happy to send a price list. The prices vary depending on how many active ingredients the products contain but again price wise there is something there for everyone.
When I was first introduced to Environ I used one product which I added into to my existing skin care regime. Needless to say I was impressed and now I use the whole range and they all do complement each other very well.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Helen if you are interested on 07711497243.

I would also love to hear from anyone who uses Environ, let me know what you think?