Heart mending, mood lifting Chocolate!

October 14, 2019Healthy eating

My health goal this week is to eat dark chocolate every day! When chocolate is more often associated with indulgence why would I do this? Firstly it happens to be National Chocolate Week and I don’t need much encouragement or excuse to indulge in the wonderful stuff! Secondly chocolate really is seriously good for heart … Read More

Eat your way to amazing skin

June 6, 2019Healthy eating

Most people don’t give a second’s thought to their skin – unless they’re scowling at the wrinkles or wobbly bits in the mirror. It’s already doing a fabulous job keeping your insides in, protecting you from infection and radiation, and keeping you warm. There’s also a huge amount you can do to keep your skin … Read More

9 foods nutritionists never eat!

March 4, 2019Uncategorized

9 foods nutritionists never eat! There is an argument that all foods are OK in moderation and I would go along with this to an extent. If you’re a healthy weight and adopting an 80:20 approach to your diet i.e. eating healthily 80% of the time and allowing a 20% indulgence in foods you love … Read More

Eat hare, it’s December?

November 30, 2018Healthy eating

If you want to eat food when it is at its most nutritious, at its freshest and most likely at its cheapest too, then you need to be eating food which is in season! So what is in season at this time of year? To name but a few we have brussel sprouts, beetroot, leeks, … Read More

Invite to join the pineapple challenge!

July 27, 2017Events, Healthy eating

Have you ever fancied being a guinea pig? Go on you know you have! To cut to the chase I’m trying to prove that eating pineapple can reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis? If you don’t have arthritis don’t stop reading as pineapple can also help with digestive issues such as gas, … Read More

B Vitamins for heart health

May 25, 2017Healthy eating

Have you noticed that there is another series of Doctor in the house featuring Dr.Chatterjee being broadcast at the moment? If not then take note, it’s definitely worth watching! So what is it that I like about Dr. Chatterjee, apart from being ‘drop dead gorgeous! ‘ No seriously I like the holistic and integrated approach he takes towards addressing health issues. He takes us away … Read More

Environ, the skin care choice of Nutritional Therapists

March 2, 2017Environ Skin Care

Why is Environ often the preferred skin care regime for Nutritional Therapists? As Nutritional Therapists we deal with clients with an array of health concerns of which skin conditions are quite high up there on the list. Diet has a huge part to play in the correction of skin conditions or concerns either directly because of nutrient deficiencies … Read More

Could Eating Fat Prevent Alzheimer’s?

February 2, 2017Uncategorized

What would you say to a diet which could prevent Alzheimer’s and sort out any weight issues? Bring it on I hear you say! If I was to say that eating fat as your main source of energy, including saturated fat is the answer I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you were a little sceptical! … Read More

Vitamin D- Do we need to supplement?

August 6, 2016Healthy eating, News and reviews

The short answer in my opinion is Yes and for the following reasons: Reason 1: Vitamin D is perhaps our most important micronutrient We generally think of Vitamin D as being important in relation to our teeth and bones and indeed it is, and there has been plenty of other research over the past few years relating … Read More

4 amazing reasons to eat watermelon on holiday

July 4, 2016Healthy eating

1.Watermelon protects against the harmful effects of the sun Watermelon contains a phytonutrient called lycopene which is well known for providing long term protection from the harmful rays of the sun. In fact, Watermelon contains more lycopene than tomatoes. 2.Watermelon replaces important nutrients lost through drinking alcohol There is a tendency to drink more alcohol … Read More

A sun protective diet

June 20, 2016Healthy eating

Don’t you just love the sun? But, like oh so many things, yes it’s bad for you! Unfortunately it can damage the skin, lead to premature ageing and skin cancer. Great! So what can you do to help protect your skin from the sun? Well, conventional advice relating to protecting ourselves from the harmful effects of the … Read More